3-day City Exchange Event 2022

The Groen010 team have developed a varied and interesting programme for the 3-day city exchange event – with visits to urban gardens, a meeting with the Rotterdam city administration, a speed dating event between administrators and City Team members and bike rides through the city.

Kijk hier de video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KGkS7dvmTA


Preliminary Program

Wednesday September 21: Best practices; Grass roots, Getting around in the network

  • Morning: Tour on Groene Connectie, Rotterdam West, start Spoortuin. Best practices and the strength of networks.
  • Lunch @ Voedseltuin 
  • Afternoon: Challenges in the South of Rotterdam: Groene Oase op Zuid & Rotterdamse Munt
  • Drinks: Rotterdamse Munt, Rotterdam South

Thursday September 22: Challenges; City Team, Overlooking the city

  • Morning: Meeting the network at Natuurtalent, Rotterdam North
  • ‘Speeddates’, short walks with two by two, with team members Cityteam Rotterdam / City administration and member visitors (involving ‘Rotterdam Loopt’ (Rotterdam Mobility Program))
  • Lunch @ Natuurtalent
  • Afternoon: Meet up in the towers of the Rotterdam City administration (overlooking the city from the 40th floor!), meeting the municipal Green broker and/or ‘Gezond010 (Rotterdam Health programme)/ Rotterdams Weerwoord (Rotterdam Climate programme), Rotterdam Centre
  • Drinks: Gemeente Rotterdam or local stakeholder

Friday September 23: Tour of the city

Visitors can pick a tour of their choice (we can prepare different cycle routes that pass by green initiatives throughout the city)

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